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Logo Design

we make you look good!

Your logo is the visual foundation of your company that all other marketing materials will be built around. At k5creative, we recognize the vital importance of this element to your identity and therefore take its creation seriously.

From the psychology of colour and shapes, to the effects of size and font, we analyze these and many other factors in the process of designing a new logo.

Whether you are just beginning a new venture, or you need to overhaul your existing look – k5 builds the strong graphic foundations your business needs to thrive.

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Marketing Collateral

let us help you go higher

Based on first impressions, people decide in just a few short seconds whether or not to give something a second look. At k5creative we believe that your message deserves full attention; and we know that truly great design is the way to get it.

Marketing Collateral includes printed materials such as: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, posters, flyers, newspaper/magazine ads, mail-outs, catalogues etc. You name it; we’ll make sure it grabs attention… and keeps it.

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Large Format

when size matters

Go big… really big! From posters, flags, banners and murals all the way up to cars, trucks, boats and airplanes. Whether it’s a trade show display, a helicopter, or an entire high-rise building; k5creative knows large format.

We provide compelling design and our alliances allow us to supply everything else you need including high-quality printing and professional installation. Or if you prefer, we will work with the suppliers of your choice.

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Website Development

strategic alliances

Strategy + Design + Development + Marketing = Internet Success

All success stories begin with good strategy. That’s why k5creative has formed an alliance with First Page Marketing for expert web development. They can help you find your Internet Competitive Advantage, perform an Online Competitor Analysis, and develop your Internet Strategic Positioning.

Once your plan is in place, k5creative collaborates with First Page to effectively create or revamp the look & feel of your website to position your company as a leader in its field.

Alternatively, k5 can design your GUI (Graphic User Interface) and work with the web developer of your choice to implement your site.

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