Frogbox Slays the Dragons

with a little help from k5’s creativity!

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k5′s Creative Director, Dave Koop, developed a powerful mobile advertising campaign for FROGBOX’s trucks that helped them launch their business. Given just their logo and icon of a frog carrying a box, Dave was able to conjure up a powerful image of a giant frog sliding open the side of a truck to reveal stacks of FROGBOX containers, then complimented with a clean design to flow with the rest of the truck. This powerful design was made with the intention of branding a large fleet with the potential of franchising down the line…simple, clean, powerful & effective.

After the vehicle graphics and supporting marketing campaign kicked in, Doug Burgoyne, owner of FROGBOX, approached the Dragons’ Den to invest in his company. Renown millionaire marketing guru Arlene Dickinson’s comments were most impressive about how there are many of these types of businesses, but it’s the marketing that sets FROGBOX apart from its saturated market. After all, in the end it’s a great marketing presence that gets the deal done! FrogBox walked away with $200k and some great partners! Suffice it to say, it’s very gratifying to know k5 had and continues to have a substantial part in FROGBOX’s success.

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3M Design Award

very cool

k5’s Frogbox vehicle design gets 3M recognition for best design in Human Interest category

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